Quinta Penedo Stables is based in the south of the Algarve.

Mike and Sasha acquired 5 years ago and have made it their passion to improve, to facilitate not only their own horses and dogs, but to also be a safe haven for dogs, horses, birds, and any animal that is in greatest need.

QP works in conjunction with F.O.C Portimão and many charitable organizations throughout Portugal to re-train and eventually re-home, both horses and dogs throughout Europe.

The saddlery has been much needed in this area, and QP wishes to offer immediate supplies for horses and dogs to locals initially with services hard to find, including Rug Washing/Repair and Saddlery Repairs, Emergency Veterinary Supplies, etc.

The saddlery will be open 6 days a week from 9am to 5pm all day (no lunch breaks) as someone’s on site 24/7, in emergency we can be contacted out of hours.