F.C.P. Portimão Dogs

Friends of Canil de Portimão

Associação dos Amigos do Canil de Portimão
NIF : 510 178 057


About 6.5 years ago I, Patricia, came across a Rottweiler in one of the newspapers. As this one of my favourite breeds, I contacted the Canil and found a home for him.

But when I saw the appalling conditions for the dogs and cats in the Canil Municipal, I wasn’t able to walk away and thought I need to help and get things better; 6 months later Karin joined me and we started working on a better life for the animals!

A year after I had my first visit to the Canil Municipal, we became a legitimate organisation.

In the beginning it was really hard, only the Canil Vet trusted us; the Camara and other people thought “again a foreigner who thinks she knows better”.

We started to walk the dogs once a week to socialize them; contacted organisations in Holland and Germany to see if we could sent dogs there.

Slowly things changed; we fundraised money to build a real cattery and 9 own dog kennels next to the Canil Municipal.

It was a long and difficult struggle, but we didn’t  give up.

In 2016 we got a silver award from the ciry of Portimao for outstanding work for the Canil!

And we built 4 more very large kennels, which we hope to split up next year if we find the money, put on a roof, make a water supply there and a concrete floor.

Other plans for 2018 are a sterilisation campaign for dogs/cats from homeless people in May.

Sadly we don’t get any money from the Counsel, so we need to find the money through sponsoring, fundraising and donations.

Luckily we found a few years ago QP (Quinta Penedo), who is one of our Foster places; here the dogs get a taste of real life and get prepared for adoptions, they get lead training and all other things necessary to become a adoptable dog.

We are always looking for foster homes, and it is not necessary on a big scale like QP; also if you only can foster 1 or 2 dogs, let us know!

Please send an e mail to friendscanilportimao@gmail.com or find us on our Facebook Page and send a message!