Batty's Story

I first heard abut Batty in September 2016 (“Putin” as he was then) when Sasha told me about  this little dog she had picked up after he had been hit by a car in front of her. She had taken him to Vilapet in Lagoa, where he was getting treatment for a spinal injury.

He needed intensive physiology, but had no where to go. So on 1st October 2016 he came home to me. He was on cage rest but had physic twice a day.

I called him Batty because of his huge ears. So many people told me t have him P.I.S. but he fitted into my zoo as if he’d been here all his life. There was a spark there & so much personality!

I remember the first time he stood up on his own, I was overjoyed. The Physio continued and he slowly improved, unfortunately his back leg co-ordination wasn’t and still isn’t good because he gets his legs tangled, but it didn’t stop him trying.

By Christmas, he was scoting around the house on his back side, but because he was dragging his feet, we bought baby socks for him to stop him skinning his paws…

Once the weather improved, he loved to be out in my garden. When I open my back door he is out and down my patio steps like a bullet.

It was then I decided that fostering him wasn’t enough. The dog was here to stay! He has improved a lot, but we decided that he would never be 100%, so Sasha’s said t look for wheels for him. I found Paul & Gloria Ferreira on social media. They kindly offered to come and look at him. On 15 October 2017 they came with a set of wheels they could adjust to get his measurements right. I was so excited! When they put them on him, he was off!!!

On 12 November they arrived! I was in tears! The wheels fitted him perfectly, they even had little ????? to keep his back legs from dragging. At last he could come out with me instead of being confined to my garden. He loves all the new smells when we go down my lane.

And, yesterday, he came out with me for the first time, for breakfast.

And boy, did he love those sausages.


— Kim Charlton.